Man’s Natural Disposition (FIṬRAH) فطرت ( انگليسی)

Man’s Natural Disposition (FIṬRAH) فطرت
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Man’s Natural Disposition (FIṬRAH) فطرت

Man's Natural Disposition is a translation of the Persian book

Fitra which consists of 10-session lecture series given by the great Muslim thinker and reformer Ayatullah Murtadā Mutahharī in 1976-77.

Some of the topics discussed in this book are as follows: fițra and upbringing, man's dispositions, love and worship as proof of sacred inclinations, spiritual love, and Qur'anic view on the origin of religion. We hope that this book would be an invaluable contribution to the Islamic thought and of great benefit for all readers in general and people of research in particular.

نویسنده شهید مرتضی مطهری
مترجم منصور ليمبا
سال چاپ 1398
نوبت چاپ اول
تعداد صفحات 315
زبان انگليسی
قطع رقعی
موضوع فلسفه و منطق
نوع جلد شومیز
مرجع سفارش پژوهشگاه بین المللی المصطفی(ص)
شناسه ملی 5600637
کد فایل BP1295
ارسال نظر
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